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Class este o proprietate situată în Petroșani și oferă un bar și acces gratuit la internet WiFi în întreaga proprietate. Restaurantul servește preparate din bucătăria internațională, iar oaspeții beneficiază de parcare privată gratuită.

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  • #Interlaken Interlaken Situated between two Alpine lakes, this small city of Switzerland is known not just as Switzerland’s oldest tourist spot, but it is also popular for the widest choice of Swiss Army Knives, Swiss branded watches, Swiss chocolates of various brands and different kinds of items known for its Swiss origin. History Of Interlaken If not for the monastery built by the Augustinians in 1130, Interlaken would not be of any importance during those days. The plains located between the two rivers, Thun and Brienz, was then developed. It was protected by the city of Bern that it attracted so many travelers to establish trade. When the Reformation age entered the city in the 16th century, the monastery was converted to the provincial governor’s seat. It used to be named Aarmuhle, the name called for the monastery’s mill. But since people commonly called it Interlaken, the name Aarmuhle was changed officially to Interlaken in 1891. Things To Do In Interlaken For the many adventurous travelers, Interlaken is the best place to be. From biking, to paragliding, to visiting canyons, to hang gliding, all these can be enjoyed in this popular tourist destination of Switzerland. With Paragliding Interlaken, you can virtually explore the landscape of the city while paragliding through your eyes. There are many organizations offering paragliding opportunities, all you need to do is find the one near your hotel. For those who want to see the scenic landscape while riding a bike, there is Flying Wheels Electric Bike Tours for the young and old. It is a guided bike tour using a small silent battery powered bike that is both fun and fantastic. At Alpin Center Interlaken, those who want to have a crazy water adventure can try river rafting. You can also roll down a hill strapped inside a clear plastic and zorb your way for fun. For those wanting extreme sports, you can do canyoning, a combination of cliff jumping, rappelling and rafting, at Alpin Raft. There is also Hang Gliding Interlaken which must be the best adventure you can do in the city. But for those not into any form of adrenaline rush, there is Harder Klum for mountain hike, with an observation deck at the top of the mountain where you can see all of Interlaken. If you want to take the scenic route, the Funicular Railway, or the Cog-Wheel Railway, goes up to the Harder Kulm Mountain where spectacular sights and a magnificent restaurant awaits. And for some fun shopping, visit the Mad Cow located half a mile away from the center of the city.

  • #Dublin Dublin is the most beautiful and the largest city of Ireland. As well Dublin is the capital city of Ireland. The best place to visit is the capital if you are on a trip to Ireland to spend your holidays or vacations. And if you are on a budget while visiting Dublin then to find the best rated and cheap hotel here is like an icing on the cake. Here we have listed a few best rated hotels in Dublin, Ireland. Conrad Hotel Conrad is the best rated hotel in the Dublin city. It is a luxury Dublin hotel located in the heart of Dublin city centre, just opposite the National Concert Hall, around the corner from beautiful St. Stephens Green. The Conrad Dublin is only minutes walking from fashionable shopping on Grafton Street. Four Seasons Hotel Four seasons hotel is the second best rated hotel in Dublin city. It is located at Simmonscourt Road, Dublin 4, which is 19 kilometers which is approximately 12 miles away from the Dublin airport. This is one of the top ten best hotels in Dublin city. The Clarence Hotel The Clarence is Dublin’s premier boutique hotel and the third best rated hotel located in the heart of the city on the famous River Liffey. The Clarence Hotel is famous cultural quarter located in Temple Bar, overlooking the River Liffey, which lies within walking distance of Ha’Penny Bridge, Trinity College, Christchurch, Guinness Storehouse and Jameson Whiskey Tower. It is also within close proximity to many of Dublin’s theatres, museums and shopping areas. The Shelbourne Hotel The Shelbourne is a Renaissance Hotel raking as the fourth best rated hotel in Dublin. It is located near the St. Stephen’s Green, Europe’s grandest garden square, which is ideally situated close to Dublin’s cultural and historic buildings, The Shelbourne offers a great location, from where you can visit the majestic St. Patrick’s Cathedral and Trinity College and also explore shops on Grafton Street or visit the Guinness Storehouse. Fitzwilliam Hotel The Fitzwilliam Hotel is the fifth best rated hotel in Dublin. It is located at 2 St Stephen’s Green, Dublin 2. It is a 5 star hotel located in the heart of the city. And it is near to all the leading cultural, historical and leisure attractions. The Westbury Hotel The Westbury Hotel is the sixth best rated hotel in Dublin. It is located at Grafton St, Dublin Dublin 2. It is ideally located in Grafton Street half-way between historic Trinity College and the Stephen’s Green landmark which offers several special attractions. The Westin Hotel The Westin is the seventh best rated hotel in Dublin city. It is located on its own city block in downtown Dublin opposite Trinity College, formerly the Allied Irish Bank, this historic building has been transformed into a luxury 5-star hotel. Located only steps away from the Cultural Quarter, Temple Bar, as well as the famous shops of Grafton Street, the hotel is within easy walking distance of Dublin’s business and financial […]

  • #St. Petersburg Anna Maria Island, on Florida’s west coast near the mouth of Tampa Bay, has been a popular beach vacation destination for more than 100 years. More than 100,000 visitors annually bask on the island’s beaches and enjoy its old-Florida, corporate free attitude. If you are planning a trip to AMI, or if you’ve already been there you might want to learn some things that make the island unique. Here are five little-known facts about Anna Maria Island: The island has quartz beaches: Many first-time visitors are amazed by the powdery white sand covering Anna Maria Island beaches. There are two very different ways white sand can form. The first is via crushed seashells gathering and washing ashore over hundreds of thousands of years. The second is a rare phenomenon in which quartz rock is eroded by streams in high mountain chains and swept out to sea. AMI’s sand comes from a combination of erosion in the Appalachian Mountains washing to the Gulf of Mexico and seashell. In addition to soft white sand, the quartz is also a poor conductor of heat, meaning Anna Maria Island beaches don’t get as hot as other beaches. Beaches stretch 8 miles: Although AMI is approximately 7 miles long; the beach stretches around the north and south edges of the island to create more than 8 miles of uninterrupted beach. Northwest beaches face into Tampa Bay, while southwest beaches face Sarasota Bay. AMI is 3,000 years old: It’s impossible to predict exactly how old Anna Maria Island is. However, carbon dating and soil samples taken by the University of Florida suggest the formation of the land mass dates back approximately 3,000 years. AMI is a barrier island formed by the sediments carried to the shore of the mainland. Anna Maria Island’s northern portions are the oldest and the island continues to expand to south. Some southern portions of the island are less than 200 years old. Bean Point named for settler: Anna Maria Island’s first beach travelers arrived near the end of the 19th century. George Bean settled on the northern most point of the island. He and his partners used steam ships to transport tourists from St. Petersburg to enjoy the then secluded island. Bean Point still offers nearly 270 degrees view of the Gulf of Mexico and Tampa Bay. Sea turtle nesting ground: Millions of green and loggerhead sea turtles made their great journey from next to sea on Anna Maria Island beaches. On a given year, as many as 200 turtles will build nests on AMI beaches. A typical nest contains 60 to 100 eggs. Click here to find even more information on Anna Maria Island as well as great deals on booking lodging, shopping, restaurants and more.

  • #Santorini Staying on the Islands of Greece When staying on one of the islands of Greece, you’ll receive a two-fold benefit. First, the scenic mountains, forests and coastlines will mesmerize you. Second, there’s a quiet stillness in many of the remote locations that is very inviting if you want a peaceful vacation. If you plan to visit several different islands in Greece, you might find an island tour package helpful. You’ll be able to visit several different popular islands, and the travel agency takes care of your transportation to and from the islands by ferry and also your hotel stay at each island. You can enjoy islands such as Crete, Kos, Lesvos and Rhodes during your visit to Greece without the typical hassles. These tour packages are also great if you’re planning to tour the Cyclades. Many packages enable you to choose which islands you want to visit during your stay, and your hotels as well. Taking the Ferry The best means of transportation to the Greek islands is the ferry boat. It’s inexpensive and very relaxing. The ferry boats typically have snack bars, restaurants and comfortable seating. Some boats have cabins where you can rest during your trip. There are also modern ferries that are similar to airplanes. These provide TV or movie entertainment, comfortable chairs and great food. Tip: Be sure to plan ahead when staying on an island. Make sure a ferry ride is available at the times you’ll be arriving at or departing from each island. If you’re uncomfortable planning the trip, use a dependable travel agency to be safe. Don’t Miss Greece’s Mainland Don’t become so occupied with the islands of Greece that you miss the mainland! Greece’s mainland has much to offer as well. The Peloponessos, for example, is referred to by many locals as the „true Greece” and has many stunning beaches, seaside mountains and unique towns such as Githeon. Here you can discover Greece’s most amazing attractions, the Diros Caves and the Santorini volcano. Also, there’s the Byzantine city of Mystras, which overlooks Sparta. Also on the mainland is modern Greece’s first capital city, Nafplio. Here you can visit the area of Argolis to see archaeological sites such as Epidavros, Nemea and Argos. Nafplio has fortresses, restaurants, great beaches and an active night life. Another popular area on the mainland is the Town of Kalavrita, where you can go skiing, see scenic mountains, and also visit a gorge with a train that runs for 22 kilometers near waterfalls and rapids, and the Cave of the Lakes. A Tour of Athens, Greece Athens combines modern city life with ancient Greek customs, making it one of the most intriguing places to live and visit in Europe. The city’s coastal tram provides easy access to the beaches at Attika. There are many new parks and streets that have been transformed with convenient walking paths. Many of the museums and hotels in Athens have been renovated. Even if you can’t see the Olympics in Athens, you […]

  • #Vienna Se știe că vienezii sunt mai rezervați decât să spunem alți europeni sau americani, așa că un loc bun pentru a vă conecta va fi la baruri sau cluburi în care pierd mai mult. Acest lucru nu înseamnă că nu sunt interesați să cunoască pe cineva, dar cu siguranță sunt mai puțin extroverti decât spaniolii. Dacă mergi la o noapte în Viena, unde ar trebui să mergi la vânătoare? Poate doriți câteva sfaturi care vă vor ajuta să începeți? Iată primele 3 locuri ale mele: 1. Ost Klub Numele o explică deja – Ost este germană pentru est și, de asemenea, motto-ul acestui club. Vino aici pentru a asculta cea mai tare muzică din Balcani, Orient și statele din Europa de Est. Se știe că fetele care vin aici poartă niște ținute destul de scandaloase. Unde? Schwindgasse 1, colțul Schwarzenbergplatz Orar: joi, duminică și sărbători legale 18:00-2:00, vineri și sâmbătă 20:00-4:00 U1/U2/U4 Karlsplatz 2. Flex Un public tânăr și la modă se îndreaptă spre acest club unde muzica electronică scoate stereo. Unde? Donaukanal/Augartenbrücke Orar: 20:00-5:00 zilnic U1/U2 Schwedenplatz 3. Clubul Empire Clubul Empire acordă atenție tendințelor din szena cluburilor internaționale și le pune în aplicare cu succes la Viena. Este un loc bun pentru a dansa toată noaptea. Acesta este un loc foarte bun pentru a alerga după fete datorită raportului fată/băiat. De ce? Clubul are o politică de a permite fetelor să primească intrare gratuită. Unde? Rotgasse 9, 1010 Viena Orar: joi 19:00-4:00, vineri-sâmbătă 21:00-6:00

  • #Cornwall Situat la Mawgan în Pydar, la câteva mile nord-est de Newquay, pe coasta de nord a Cornwall, Aeroportul Newquay este principalul aeroport comercial pentru Cornwall. Zona Newquay este o mare atracție turistică datorită liniei de coastă fantastice, a gamei de plaje uimitoare și a condițiilor ideale pentru surfing. Deși este o destinație grozavă pentru vacanțele de familie, în ultimul timp și-a câștigat o oarecare reputație pentru viața de noapte, băuturile excesive și petrecerile pe plajă. Deși este relativ nou venit pe scena aeroporturilor civile din Marea Britanie, proprietatea și utilizarea sa s-au schimbat de mai multe ori. Prima firmă care a furnizat un serviciu comercial de pasageri către Cornwall a fost Provincial Airways, care în aprilie 1934 a deschis o rută între Plymouth, Hayle și Newquay. Apoi, odată cu izbucnirea celui de-al doilea război mondial, aerodromul a fost rechiziționat de RAF și redenumit RAF St Mawgan. Aerodromul a fost foarte modernizat în perioada Războiului Rece, când a fost folosit ca bază de bombardament strategic de către USAAF. A fost construită o pistă mare, permițând tuturor celor mai mari și mai rapide aeronave ale vremii să decoleze și să aterizeze. Această moștenire și astăzi face ca pista să fie capabilă să manipuleze aeronave precum Airbus A380 și Boeing 747 jumbo jet, deși niciunul dintre operatorii actuali ai liniilor aeriene nu utilizează încă aceste aeronave. În ultimii ani, RAF și un număr de transportatori comerciali au împărțit aerodromul și au îmbunătățit facilitățile prin construirea unui nou terminal și a unui turn de control al traficului aerian. În 2008, odată cu schimbarea politicii guvernamentale, s-a decis ca RAF să își mute resursele în altă parte a țării. Aceasta a prezentat apoi problema pierderii capacității Cornwallului de a conecta rapid afacerile și turiștii cu restul Regatului Unit. Consiliul Județean Cornwall a putut interveni atunci când a primit aprobarea din partea UE pentru utilizarea finanțării din sectorul public pentru a investi în gestionarea aeroportului Newquay Cornwall. Din păcate, aeroportul a trebuit să se închidă la sfârșitul anului 2008 timp de o lună din cauza unei neglijeri în obținerea licenței de către Autoritatea Aviației Civile. Acest lucru s-a datorat faptului că nu au avut suficient timp pentru a prelua serviciile de navigație pe aerodrom de la RAF. În urma unor inspecții suplimentare efectuate de CAA, zborurile către Newquay au reluat pe 20 decembrie 2008, iar acum aeroportul Newquay Cornwall este clasat drept unul dintre aeroporturile cu cea mai rapidă creștere din Marea Britanie. Cu o rețea de rute de 18 destinații operate de șapte companii aeriene, se așteaptă să înregistreze o creștere în acest an, în ciuda climatului economic dificil. Deschiderea noului salon executiv marchează finalizarea celei de-a doua etape de dezvoltare a aeroportului și face parte din planurile continue de creștere a capacității terminalului pentru a satisface un flux de 700.000 de pasageri pe an.